How we got here…

I imagine that this blog will be boring or useless for most individuals; however, I am going to try to utilize this as a way of understanding my life or at least provide myself with some self-help.

In order to understand my life as it is today, I believe there should be a little backstory.

I was born in 1976 and was raised in the southwest region of the United States. I grew up with my parents and two older brothers. I had a basic childhood. I went to an elementary school that was around the corner from home so I would walk there with the youngest of my two brothers. I was an easy going kid in school. I wasn’t popular. I wasn’t a nerd. I was just the run-of-a-mill child. I had a handful of friends so I wasn’t alone during school. In fifth grade, I met my best friend, whom is still a huge part of my life. After school, I would hang out with friends, play games, ride my bike, and go swimming. Once it came time for Junior High, I rode a bus to school with the same friends I had since the start of elementary. And this routine continued on into High School. I played volleyball from 7th grade through 11th grade. Outside of that, I was never talented enough for anything else; no other sports, singing, playing instruments, etc.

After graduation, I was working at a chiropractic office and going to college for my Associates degree. During this time, I met my husband who was stationed at a local Air Force base. On my 21st birthday, we got engaged and three months later we married. The week we got married was the week I graduated community college. I had been accepted into a university for Electro Mechanical Engineering; but instead, I chose to get married and move to the northeastern region of the US. The day after our wedding, we packed up and got on the road. I cried for five days straight as we continued to get further and further away from what I always knew as home.

For 19 years, we lived in the same northeastern County. I had a job with the Federal Government. My husband worked his way to the top of a manufacturing company. We learned we could not have children, but we did raise our great-nephew for the first six years of his life. And we had various animals to fulfill my desire to have something to cuddle. When we first moved, my husband used his GI Bill to finish a Bachelor’s degree. Many years later, I decided to start a bucket list item which was to go back to college and get a Bachelor’s degree…something I chose to put off in order to get married.

After those 19 years, we were ready to start a New Adventure. It was a bold decision, but we quit our well-paid jobs, sold our home and 90% of our belongings, bought a truck, and bought a fifth wheel. We didn’t know where we were going, other than, back to the Western region of the US. So we hit the road.

For almost two months, we had nowhere to be, noone to see, no obligations or responsibilities of any kind. We had two dogs and two rabbits with us at the time. It was super relaxing and seeing Mother Nature was so breathtaking. Everything we thought we needed to recharge for our next chapter…

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