Reality of being alone

I started this Help blog so I could vent outloud and help myself work through the struggles of my husband’s constant battle with major depression and anhedonia. Yet, I have come to realize that I myself have more issues than I originally thought. I don’t know if it is an age thing or reality slapping me in the face, but I just find myself becoming more alone. I mentioned it in my last post as well. I meet up with other walkers/runners once a week. It is great to see everyone, catch up on lives, and meet new faces each week. However, for some reason, each week after the meet-up, I just end up in a down mood. I don’t know what it is. Depression? Self-pity? I won’t bore this post with the details. I’m just trying to figure it all out. No family locally. Few friends. No children. Work from home, so no coworkers to see. Is going to these meet-ups really helping or causing more harm???

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